Tongxiang Sanjing Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Office

Company Introduction:
Zhejiang Sanjing Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sanjing Automation) is the most powerful technical service provider in the field of automation in China. The main business of the company is:
1、 Design and manufacturing of various automated non-standard production lines, promotion and application of cutting-edge energy-saving technologies, and DSC control.
2、 Maintenance and on-site services for frequency converters, factory electrical, automation instruments, industrial computers, CNC equipment, control circuit boards, program controllers, and medical equipment.
3、 Plastic molds, track rubber molds, mechanical manufacturing, impeller, blade processing.
Through nearly four years of effort, we have become the largest third-party technology service provider and the most comprehensive supplier of industrial control components in the field of industrial automation.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of maintenance enterprise, transformation specialization, and service industrialization, adhering to the values of learning, creation, focus, and service. It is always committed to providing customers with fast and stable high-quality services, and contributing to ensuring and improving the production automation level and efficiency of customers.
In 2004, the company was rated as a private high-tech enterprise and a exemplary organization of factory association cooperation by Jiaxing Science and Technology Bureau.
Product Introduction:
Energy saving engineering renovation; Maintenance of imported controllers
82 Miaopu Road, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
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