Chongqing Yagor Clothing Co., Ltd

Company Introduction:
We produce and sell the Yagor clothing series, specializing in shirts, suits, and casual wear. We have been leading the national sales for 8 consecutive years, becoming an international brand and a century old enterprise. Be the most honest merchant. If you are satisfied with your consumption, please tell all your friends around you that long-term customers can enjoy more favorable VIP services. Yagor shirt VP finishing cotton ironing free processing uses the most advanced and highest level VP finishing cotton ironing free processing technology in the world at present. It uses steam spray to conduct one-time ironing free processing on ready-made clothes, so as to make the cotton fiber change in quality and shape in memory, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle prevention. VP finishing cotton ironless clothing has unique and excellent performance; Long lasting styling, wrinkle resistance, strong wrinkle resistance, soft hand feel, and natural comfort; Good breathability, moisture absorption, and easy drying.
The Yagor suit is a high-tech product that integrates top garment technology and equipment from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and other countries. It is a modern and highly sophisticated professional equipment assembly line that follows the latest international styles and popular styles, combines the basic physical characteristics of Asians, and integrates Chinese and Western clothing cultures. The production process is unique and exquisite. The entire process adopts international standards and is meticulously crafted.
Product Introduction:
Yagor; Shirts; Suit; Jackets; Pants; T-shirt; Tie; Leather goods; Sweater; dress
177-7-308 Jiangdong South Road, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
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