Chengxing Gardening Field, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Ningbo

Company Profile:
Chengxing Horticulture Farm mainly develops green tree species and flower bonsais, with bayberry production and sales as a subsidiary. Flowers include: Belgian rhododendron and ancient pile rhododendron bonsai. Greening tree species include: mango tree, Ledong unisexual magnolia, red magnolia, and Lechang smile. , acacia, acacia, camphor, osmanthus, slash pine, magnolia grandiflora, cedar, ligustrum macrophylla, metasequoia, weeping willow, safflower container seedlings, rhododendron container seedlings, tortoiseshell holly, golden-leaf ligustrum, no Thorny corolla, Buddha’s crown beads and newly developed rare varieties of osmanthus: Tianxiangtaige, Four Seasons Golden Osmanthus, Australian Red Melaleuca and Sanguigui.
Among the large-sized young and middle-aged trees, there are camphor, ginkgo, osmanthus and other large (shaped) trees. They have quite good ornamental value.
Bayberry, also known as dragon eye and vermilion, is named because its shape is like water poplar and tastes like plum. Yangmei is one of my country’s specialty fruits, and is known as “one piece is worth a thousand pieces of gold”. In the Wuyue area, there is also a saying of “Yangmei competing with lychee”. Bayberry fruit is bright in color, rich in juice, sweet and sour, and is a green pure natural food with high nutritional value.
All agents of our horticulture farm (Yangmei) can enjoy the following advantages:
Advantage 1: Generous profit margins for the product. We are also a bayberry plantation, and we will supply bayberries with the same quality and lowest price in Cixi City, leaving generous profit margins to our agents.
Advantage 2: Our garden is the designated bayberry supplier of the Cixi Municipal People’s Government and other units, and is guaranteed to provide the best bayberry in Cixi City.
Advantage 3: Complete preservation technical support. Provide domestic leading bayberry preservation technical support to solve your worries about storage and preservation.
Advantage 4: Complete freight distribution. Our garden has strong logistics capabilities and can deliver the agent’s products as soon as possible.
We welcome interested customers to contact our park.
With the continuous development of society, people’s requirements for environmental protection and environmental beauty continue to increase. Chengxing Horticulture Garden is willing to go hand in hand with its peers to develop together, promote the economic construction of the motherland, and contribute a small amount to beautify the earth’s landscape and build our beautiful home. Power!
product description:
Greening tree species; flower bonsai; fresh bayberry; bayberry shochu; sugared bayberry; dried bayberry; additional metal products; piano lead, etc.
Longnan (Zhe’ao) Village, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province

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