Yuyao Jiangcheng Plastic Packaging Factory

Company Introduction:
Yuyao Jiangcheng Plastic Bag Factory is a professional enterprise that produces warning tapes and food packaging bags. It is located in the Lianghui Industrial Zone of Yuyao and at the entrance of the Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway in Yuyao, with convenient transportation.
The warning tapes produced by the company are divided into two types: detectable and non detectable. We can design and produce plastic warning tapes of various specifications and thicknesses according to customer requirements. The products have bright colors, uniform thickness, neat cutting, high tensile strength, and can use environmentally friendly ink to ensure that heavy metal and other indicators meet European and American environmental requirements. We specialize in producing various aluminum foil composite detectable warning tapes, which are laid on underground pipelines and have metal detectable functions. They serve as signs to prevent damage to various pipelines during construction. The detectable warning tape can serve as a warning and can also be used as a detector to detect the direction of pipelines after burial. Additionally, specialized warning tapes can be customized for users.
Product Introduction:
Warning tape; Food packaging bags;
Yuyao, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
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