The peek plastic price is 80$/kg

Technical Parameters

Mechanical behaviorRatingunitTest Methods
Shore hardness
    23℃86Class DISO 868
Compressive strength
    23℃MPaISO 604
Tensile strain
    Breakage, 23℃2.4%ISO 527
Flexural modulus
    23℃8500MPaISO 178
Bending strength
    Breakage, 23℃235MPaISO 178
Tensile Strength
    Breakage, 23℃145MPaISO 527
Physical propertiesRatingunitTest Methods
water absorption
    23℃, 24hr, 3.2 mm thick tensile rod0.05%ISO 62-1
    Equilibrium, 23℃0.4%ISO 62-1
    MD0.8%ISO 294-4
    TD0.3%ISO 294-4
Melt mass flow rate
    380℃,5.0kg40g/10minISO 1133
    crystallization1.43g/cm3ISO 1183
Impact propertiesRatingunitTest Methods
Izod notched impact strength7kJ/m2ISO 180/A
Izod unnotched impact strength35kJ/m2ISO 180/U
Unnotched impact strength of simply supported beams35kJ/m2ISO 179/1U
Notched impact strength of simply supported beams6kJ/m2ISO 179-1eA
Thermal propertiesRatingunitTest Methods
Thermal conductivityISO 22007-4
    23℃0.3W/m/KISO 22007-4
melting point343ISO 11357
Tg (start)143ISO 11357
Specific heat capacity
    23℃1.7kJ/kg /℃DSC
linear thermal expansion coefficient
    below Tg along the flow direction25ppm/KISO 11359
    Above Tg along the flow direction25ppm/KISO 11359
Heat distortion temperature
    1.8 Mpa323ISO 75-f
Electrical propertiesRatingunitTest Methods
dissipation factor
    23℃,1 MHz0.004IEC 60250
Dielectric constant
    23 ℃, 1 kHz3.2IEC 60250
Compared to tracking index150INIEC 60112
Dielectric strength
    2 mmtwenty threekV/mmIEC 60243-1
Volume resistivity
    275℃ohms·cmIEC 60093
    23 ℃, 1V10^16ohms·cmIEC 60093