Dongguan Xinxiangli Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.

About Xinxiangli
Global leading supplier of apparel accessories
Focus on making clothing accessories, both a manufacturer and an artist

Dongguan Xinxiangli Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.

Xinxiangli is one of the top overall suppliers of personalized clothing accessories services and planning in China. It focuses on the design, R&D and production of woven labels, embroidery, hang tags and other series of products for various types of clothing, shoes and hats. It has successively passed ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 Environmental system certification, the products have passed international environmental certification, and meet the high quality requirements of customers’ products.

Xinxiangli is committed to creating excellent woven label LOGO and related accessories products for global clothing manufacturers. Based on the concept of “enhancing value for customer brands”, it creates high-quality accessories products for many well-known clothing brands and serves more than 3,500 clothing brands. , 18 listed apparel companies specify the supply of accessories, and its customers include the world’s top 500 companies and the top 100 customers in the industry.

25 years of R&D, design, inheritance and innovation

Xinxiangli has focused on the R&D, design and process innovation of clothing accessories for 25 years, and has provided customers with 30,000+ times of pattern making and sample making services.
And form a system to fully utilize the value of experience, continue to inherit and make leaps and bounds, and empower the Xinxiangli brand to develop vigorously.

First-class design service team
The core team of Xinxiangli is composed of a number of first-class designers in the field of clothing accessories and craftsmen with many years of experience in the field of clothing accessories. They have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with world-renowned fashion brands, have first-class design level and high international aesthetics, and can provide customers with One-on-one design service, free proofing for cooperation.

Dongguan Xinxiangli Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.

Diversified process technology development

The variety of woven label trademarks is innovative and rich, such as: sliced, double-sided folded, folded in half, triangular folded, hooked edge, selvedge, washed watermark, etc.; embroidery types have moved from simplicity to diversification, such as towel embroidery, ribbon embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, hat embroidery, etc. Embroidery, fashion embroidery, headscarf embroidery, toy embroidery, shoe embroidery, skillful beading embroidery and special mixed embroidery with different styles.

15000㎡ Seiko manufacturing factory

Xinxiangli has focused on the R&D, design and process innovation of clothing accessories for 25 years, providing customers with a self-operated precision manufacturing factory of 30,000+ over 15,000 square meters, introducing an ERP automatic management system, and continuously optimizing services and production processes.
With Dongguan as the production base, it fully radiates domestic and foreign markets. New and old customers are welcome to visit the factory for guidance and cooperation.

Dongguan Xinxiangli Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.

First-line imported precision equipment
It has more than 100 imported large-scale production equipment, including: more than 30 computerized label looms imported from Switzerland and Italy, 38 computerized embroidery machines imported from Japan, 3 production lines for rubber stamp products, and more than 10 units of printed label production equipment. wait.

Strong production capacity that is rare in the industry
There are more than 350 professional designers, technicians and employees, with a daily output of 3,000,000 pieces, more than 380 million dozen woven label products per year, more than 28.6 million dozen embroidery products per year, and 300 million plastic seal products. More than 1/year.

Internal control production standards higher than national standards

The company has dedicated QC personnel, purchasing raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products, quality inspection to sorting and shipping, forming a complete quality management system. All products have passed international environmental protection certifications such as Europe, America and 3C, and meet import and export requirements.