Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and produces woven labels, recycled environmentally friendly printed labels, hang tags, environmentally friendly rubber labels, drop plastic labels, down labels and other products. The factory has a dust-free workshop, equipped with advanced intelligent production equipment such as German Heidelberg high-definition printing machines, Swiss Muller trademark weaving machines, flexographic printing machines, ultrasonic cutting and folding machines, and a professional production technical team with more than ten years of experience; June 2015 Passed the EU BSCI certification system factory inspection, passed the SGS certification factory inspection in 2019, and the product quality passed the international INTERTECK certification test!

It is a supplier of packaging accessories to well-known enterprises such as SPALDING, Under Armour, Anta, Alibaba Xunxi Intelligent Manufacturing, Wanshili, Wasu Media, Woodpecker, Phoenix Games and other well-known enterprises. Adhering to the concept of sustainable innovation and development, Lambin continues to explore research and development, and has introduced new UV nano-printing technology; developed new technologies and new products such as environmentally friendly PVC, environmentally friendly paper inner support, environmentally friendly rubber labels, recycled ribbons, zero antimony content polyester tapes, etc. Well-known brands at home and abroad. Providing free design, door-to-door communication solutions, and bearing the proofing fee are Lambin’s special services! Lambin looks forward to sharing responsibilities and growing together with you! Develop together and seek a future together!

Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
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